I am a bilingual (English and French) psychologist specialized in psychotherapy, accredited by the Fédération Suisse des Psychologues (FSP) as well as a marriage counselor.

I have 25 years of experience in helping people in the expat and local community deal with their life issues. I welcome my clients in a supportive, non-judgmental and confidential setting.

Growing up in the USA in an international environment, English is my mother tongue, but I did most of my academic education in French. After having lived in France, Germany, the USA and Belgium, I have been settled in Geneva for some 40 years.

A divorce unexpectedly ended my 30 year marriage, and I have been blessed with a daughter.

I am happy to share some of my art with you as a little glimpse into my hobby.


                                                                                                        ‘Arise’, oil on canvas, 2018



My main therapeutic approach is systemic, on a background of mindfulness. I also use tools I have learned and appreciated over the years from person-centered, transactional analysis, imago and cognitive behavioral approaches.

In a systemic approach, individuals are considered not only at their individual level but also as belonging to a broader context of interconnected and reciprocal relations, creating a system with its own rules and processes. Individual symptoms are not regarded as a problem that needs to be eliminated but rather as an expression of a dysfunction somewhere within the system.

I would qualify my work as talking therapy, but I also use exercises to do in session on paper, role play and tasks to do at home in between sessions.

My main interest is in relationships in the wide sense of the term, relationships to oneself, to others, to our environment, to our past. These may play an important role in how we function as individuals and in interpersonal relations. I focus on helping my clients open the field of possibilities in their lives. This can be done through different channels, for example by challenging underlying beliefs, by identifying and making sense of needs, emotions, fears, repetitive behavioral patterns, by boosting self-esteem, among many others.

With couples, identifying expectations, interactional patterns and improving communication skills are an important foundation for a meaningful development of the relationship.


                                                                                         ‘Invitation’, acrylic on paper, 2011



I have earned the following certification:

1994            Master’s in Psychology, Geneva University

1998            Diploma in Marriage Counseling issued by the FRTSCC (Fédération romande et tessinoise des services de consultation

                     conjugale), later renamed ACTC (Association des conseillères et conseillers conjugaux thérapeutes de couple)

2003            Certificate of training in the Systemic Approach and family psychotherapy, Mony Elkaim Formations.

2004            Title of Specialist in psychotherapy from the FSP

2014            Certificate of Advanced Studies in Clinical Sexology, University of Geneva

I attend continuous training and case supervision as required to maintain the quality standards ensured by my title. My services are recognized by the Swiss health authorities and are reimbursed by the complémentaire (private) health insurances.

                                                                                         “Rejoicing” (draft), pastel on paper, 2016



I work with adult individuals and couples, in English and French. My biggest client group is expatriates.

For 10 years (1995-2005) I was a member of the team of counselors at Couple et Famille in Geneva, a subsidized counseling agency where I gained extensive experience counseling individuals, couples and families from all walks of life. I also provided training in marriage counseling, participated in organizing different public events and occasional lectures.

Other activities included co-hosting week-end stress relief workshops for couples under Prof Guy Bodenman from Fribourg University, contributing to articles in local newspapers, and occasionally giving lectures in the Maison de Quartier des Eaux-Vives on subjects relating to parenting and adjusting to the arrival of a child.

For 12 years (1998-2010) I provided counseling through an IEAP (International Employee Assistance Program) in Geneva in association with Canadian-based Shepell-FGI.

In 2004, I was happy to open a private practice where I could personalize my environment and client care in the tower of a charming old historical house.

Since the middle of 2020, the covid-19 pandemic pushed me to switch to online sessions with my clients. With a heavy heart, I closed my physical office and left behind its cozy historical charm as well as 16 years of fond memories, connecting with the touching stories of so many beautiful people.

                                                                             My office in the tower from 2004 to 2020 in Chêne-Bougeries